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Our detailed design

The conclusion of our delivery and service contract is also the start signal for the detailed work of our designers. If we worked extensively in the design phase on both sides, the number of checks with you will be limited. The result is the complete set of drawings, which you will get for detailed examination. Part is usually also a 3D representation, which we handed over as a PDF file. By using the left mouse button (turn) and scroll wheel (zoom) you can look at the object from every angle.

By using the left mouse button (turn) and scroll wheel (zoom) you can look at the object from every angle. A stripped-down example, you can try here. The amount of data is reduced for the sake of charging. With the right mouse button shifting is also possible. With regard to the quality of the display you should prefer the browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari.

Unfortunately, your Internet connection or your browser slow down. Return to "detail design" later please, to use the 3D view. The required data is loaded in the background.

Your browser allows unfortunately no manipulable 3D display. Instead, we offer you different views.

The example of a 3D display can be used with current Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari, the MS Internet Explorer is suitable in version 11 only.